About Us

Welcome to Denali Fitness! Since 1995, Denali has demonstrated the same concern and integrity towards the health and fitness of adults, as it has for the children of our community. Denali Fitness has always offered unique programming and our emphasis on functional movement and fitness has expanded our program options. We gave our fitness program its own space in the Spring of 2018. The Rock at Denali offers indoor climbing, yoga, and a host of strength and fitness programs with highly trained and very competent staff. We are not done yet and plan on offering many new and innovative training methods and protocols as the business matures. We are extremely proud of the Denali Family and very excited about the part we can play in the future of adult fitness in our community.



Functional movements are something you perform every day —picking up laundry, walking up the stairs, reaching to the top shelf. Our small group Adult Fitness classes take these everyday movements and leverage them in a workout.

The idea is to increase the overall level of personal fitness necessary to perform these movements and many more. Our Functional Fitness classes are designed to fit everyone’s ability, and the process is simple. Each day you can expect a different workout built with options for every level. Thoughtfully and progressively planned out, keeping your safety in mind. This ensures, regardless of skill set, that everyone in the gym, completes the same workout at a level challenging to them. Whether your goal is to get stronger, faster, keep up with the rug rats, or simply live a higher quality of life these classes will be a great fit for you


Our youth and teen fitness classes focus on strength, conditioning and skill work.. In a group setting, designed to help kids develop a lifelong love of fitness. Like the adult classes, youth/teens will engage in constantly varied workouts that deliver measurable results.



By invitation only. The Competitive Team consists of climbers that possess experience, strength, and ability. In order to continue and maximize progression. Competitive team members will constantly follow multiple training regiments suited for athletes competing at the local and national level.


Youth rock climbing is great alternative to your furniture for those kids who cant seem to keep their feet on the ground. Climbing is a full-body activity, so it’s a great way to enhance overall physical fitness. In our classes your child will exercise their core, legs, arms, and even the tiny muscles in their hands in a fun and safe environment.


Weightlifting is an athletic discipline which requires lifting of heavy weights in a progressive manner. It not only tests the physical prowess of an individual but also his/her rate of force generation, i.e., ballistic actions of lifting the weights in minimum amount of time. This discipline focuses on the snatch and the clean & jerk. The team currently consists of local, national and international level competitors and ranges from age 13-68.


Our youth weightlifting program primarily focuses on the technique involved in successfully completing the snatch and the clean & jerk. Our classes prioritize technique, general physical fitness and overall understanding of various movement patterns.