Q. Who can use the auto belay?

A. Anyone 12 and older can operate the auto belay after a short orientation.

Q. Can I bring my kids while I work out?

A. Yes, we have a child area with toys and a T.V. Children must stay in this are while parents are working out.

Q. What are the rock-climbing age requirements?

A. Rock-climbing is recommended for children 4 years old and up.

Q. What is the age requirement to be in the gym without a parent?

A. The minimum age requirement to stay in the gym without a parent is 14.

Q. What is the age requirement to use the fitness equipment?

A. The age requirement to use any fitness equipment is 18.

Q. What days of the week do you offer open gym?

A. We offer open gym every day of the week.

Q. Do you offer climbing rental gear?

A. Yes, the rental gear is included with a day pass, or can be rented separately.

Q. Do you sell climbing gear?

A. We do not sell climbing gear. We do sell blocks of chalk.

Q. Can I use the open gym during classes?

A. Open gym is offered during classes, however classes have priority use of fitness equipment and climbing walls.

Q. Do you offer trial classes?

A. We offer 1 free trial for any adult class.

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