About Us

Rock Climbing is one of the top total body workouts available. It’s a very respectable sport in that men and women are equally capable. A common misconception is that climbing requires an already strong upper body. This idea often discourages people from starting. No matter your level effective rock climbing is related to technique, balance, and leg strength.

It doesn’t matter how strong your upper body currently is, there is a grade you can start at and work from. The act of climbing works every part of you. From your fingers and forearms as you grip the climbing holds, your abs and core as you lift your legs into position then your entire body as you propel yourself up with your legs and pull up with on your arms.

Our open climb gives people the opportunity to come in and challenge themselves, work on their climbing, or to just have fun with friends, seven days a week.


If you’re just starting out with rock climbing, you’ve likely heard of top rope climbing. In fact, if you’ve already started practicing in a climbing gym, it’s likely that you’re using this climbing method.

But what is top rope climbing, and what do you need to know about it?

This climbing setup offers greater protection in many ways, making it the perfect setup for beginners. Mastering top rope climbing can help you as you look to start your rock climbing journey.

How many top ropes do you have?

We have seven top ropes that give you more options than just staying on the auto belays. Two of which give you the option to climb in the cave.

How tall are the walls?

The top rope walls are 35 feet

What levels of routes do you have on top ropes?

Our top ropes offer different levels from 5.6s to 5.13+ for athletes ranging from beginners to advanced.



Route setting isn’t easy. Every route setter knows that it is hard work and needs dedication. Setting isn’t just bolting the climbing holds to walls. Setting routes can be described as a form of art. Good routes challenge a climber’s physique and brain and also teach climbing techniques in a natural way.

Routes can vary dramatically in difficulty and grade; once committed to that ascent, it can become a veritable quest to reach the summit. It is a true test of your abilities as a climber.

Climb Team

This is for the more advanced teenagers who are looking to be pushed and become more advanced climbers with the guidance of our experienced climbing staff.


Running repetitive laps on gym climbing walls can be the perfect way to build up your strength, rev up your endurance, sizzle away body fat, and, to top it all off, have tons of fun! How cool is that!

But what if you don’t have a belay partner? In that case, you can’t go as high as you’d want, which detracts from all of the mentioned benefits. To solve this challenge, we have incorporated auto-belay devices at their climbing walls.

An automatic belay device (AKA auto belay) takes up slack as you climb, thereby negating the need for a belayer on the ground. When the climber reaches the top, or if they fall, the device automatically catches the climber and slowly lowers them to the ground.

How many auto belays do you have?

We have five auto belays. Auto belays make it easy if you are not certified to belay or if you enjoy climbing by yourself. They are easy to use and can make climbing alone a little more fun!



By invitation only. The Competitive Team consists of climbers that possess experience, strength, and ability, in order to continue and maximize progression. Competitive team members will constantly follow multiple training regiments suited for athletes competing at the local and national level.


Climbing helps children become more confident. At first glance, they might not think they’ll be able to follow the “routes” on the walls. With a little practice and encouragement, they’ll make progress and eventually reach the top. Learning to believe in one’s own abilities is a lifelong process, so might as well get started young!

Climbing is also an exercise in trusting others, which can be difficult at any age. With adults to reassure them, kids slowly get used to trusting each other. Plus, they’ll learn to trust safety gear such as climbing harnesses and ropes for a confidence boost.

Youth/Jr climbing classes

We offer classes for all age kids from six all the way up to seventeen. The classes help challenge kids to climb and to just stay active.



Bouldering is a great way to improve your mental and physical strength as well as your confidence. It also helps you develop better balance and coordination, which can be applied in other aspects of life too!

At Denali Fitness, we have routes that are graded from V0 up to V9. The grades are based on how high you need to jump, how much you need to pull yourself up, and how hard it is to keep your balance.